Sting Ray Fish with Tamarind Sauce

19th October, 2011 @ Hana’s Kitchen

Yesterday, I prepared this dish called locally the ‘Asam Fish‘ meaning ”Sour Fish” with Tamarind Sauce. It is not that sour though. You will love to eat this after having sweet and oily stuffs for sometime. If you are into spices and hot dishes – this is for you.

Asam Fish or sour Fish with Tamarind Sauce dish is very easy to prepare and delicious to eat with rice and vegetables. You can have some salted egg or dried salted fish as an appetizer.


Blended chili paste, garlic powder, five spices powder, cinnamon powder, a candle nut, an inch of lemon grass root, tamarind paste, fresh sting ray fish, light soy sauce, sugar and 6 lime leaves (3 to garnish and 3 to cook with the dish), cooking olive oil and Extra Virgin Olive oil.

This is how I prepared the Asam or Sour Fish with Tamarind Sauce

Sting Ray Fish Image

! Wash the freshly bought Sting Ray Fish, cut into bite sizes, let dry. Marinate the fish with garlic powder. Set aside. When you buy the sting Ray fish, always get the young or small  fish and let them chop into pieces of your choice.

* How to prepare the Tamarind Sauce

Fresh Tamarind  fruit has a hard shell, please remove it. Take a fistful of ripened tamarind fruit and crush into a bowl of water until you get a Tamarind water, strain and that is your Tamarind Sauce to make the dish sour. Lessen the amount if you want a mild ‘Asam Fish’ or Mild ‘Sour Sting Ray Fish’ dish.

In the market, you can easily buy shelled Tamarind fruit with seeds. Some are salted, I  chose to use the packed unsalted Tamarind fruit.

! How to prepare the Chili Paste 

First soak at least 10 to 12 pieces of dried Indian Chilies for an hour or simply boil until soft when your time is limited. Strain the chilies then blend together with the crushed candle nut, thinly sliced lemon grass,  into a fine chili paste.


Preparing the Dish –  Sting Ray Fish with Tamarind Sauce!

  • Saute the chili paste with at least 6 to 8 tbsp of cooking olive oil until the color of the chili changes from its original color and chili smells fragrant.  Lower the flame. Add a dash of the five spices powder and cinnamon powder.  Stirring occasionally to prevent from burning for another 3 – 5 minutes.
  • Put in the  fish or Sting Ray slices, lessen the fire,  let simmer. Add in 3 lime leaves as per photo below, add the bowl of Tamarind sauce and add some filtered water when necessary. Let boil, stirring lightly until fish is cooked.  Add a dash of brown sugar,  light soy sauce or salt to taste.  Follow your taste-bud scheme. Scoop the dish and garnish with the remaining lime leaves.  Finish by sprinkling a tablespoon of Extra Olive Virgin oil for an excellent balance and a perfect shiny dish.

Sting Ray Fish with Tamarind sauce

Have a good try!
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